DevOps – Can Deliver Great Value, Can Be Tough To Implement

Being a writer for InformationWeek gives me the opportunity to do research into topics that I have experienced first hand and dive deeper.  Recently, I got a great chance to go deeper into DevOps and ask CIOs, developers, and IT leaders what their thoughts were on the topic.

Having led multiple development teams, and currently leading a fast growing development and operations team that is working on “big data” platform, DevOps has become part of my everyday life but when I talked with other CIOs and CTOs at large enterprises they are a bit confused about what DevOps is, how it can benefit them, and what it will really take to extract the benefit DevOps claims.

What I found was surprising, even to me. Of the companies we surveyed, only 21% have implemented DevOps, with another 21%planning to within a year. Much less then I thought. Even worse, it seems getting good results is tougher then I thought as only 31% see or expect significantly improved infrastructure stability from DevOps vs. 51% citing only some improvement.

I dove in to find out why and you can read my full DevOps 2014 Report or click the report below.